The ghost town of India- final edit - Deepti Asthana
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Song of the sea

Song of the sea

On the shores of Bay of Bengal, in the dim morning light; I heard fishermen signing aloud as they pulled the heavy net with the help of a 200ft rope attached to it. They formed human chains on the either ends of the rope while pulling a net weighing more than a ton including the weight of fish, the stones, floats tied on the net and the junk entangled in the net. By 7 in the morning the sun was harsh, bodies covered with sand they sang even louder.

Oh Liya, Po Mele (Oh fishermen catch the rope, Keep pulling)
Oh Vele (Oh Fishermen that is your job)

Aa Liya (I have caught the rope)
Raja Suta, Palaharam Nalla Irka (King’s snack is good)

Oh Liya, Po Mele ..

From Living on the edge